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I am Jack .W . The owner of Bitmap-vector.com . My embroidery story began in 1998 when i worked for my father's embroidery factory , I  started out operating industrial embroidery machines and leaning digitizing after i graduated from university . In 2004 , I got married with my wife YANLI PEI , Then we split from my father's company ,and set up www.greatwallemb.com . The predecessor of Bitmap-vector.com .

We   specialized in embroidery digitizing and converting raster images into vector art or Image editing service. But before 2009 . We only focus on chinese customers or middle man whom get oversea works directly .

From 2009.  We got up the stage from the curtain .We want to offer the best advantage to the end customers . For us , We can provide high-quality hand drawn vector to more oversea customers and expand our business. For customers ,You can take advantage of our quality service and low price . It is win-win partnership . Our 24 Hour turnaround vector conversion service is ideal for Signmakers / Promotional product manufacturers / Decal Makers / stencilists etc.

At present ,We have 20 senior designers working at their home online except my wife and me  , They work for different embroidery and apparel companise . Can provide 500 designes per day .Up to date , We have finished more than 420.000 designes for oversea customers .

Using our expertise in vector conversion and image editing ,You can now slash your cost .overcome the crisis and go ahead steadily and surely.

Why shop with us?

A If you are not satisfied YOU DON'T PAY!
B Quotes are FREE and returned within 30 minutes.
C less than 24 hours friendly and professional online service and turnaround time.
D Rush conversions can be completed within a few hours at no extra cost.
E Minor amendments are FREE.
F working 24 HOURS/ 7 DAYS .

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