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What is a vector image?

Vector drawings can be scalable to any size without any loss in quality. This makes them ideal for company logos or other objects that have to be resized frequently.

Typical uses are for stationery, large banners, signs, vehicle graphics and just about anything else you can think of! 
We can convert your logo from a raster or (bitmap) image to a vector illustration. Your logo will be completely redrawn using the smallest number of points possible (but still retaining image quality); the fewer the points the smaller the file size. 
There are two kinds of computer graphics - raster (composed of pixels) and vector (composed of paths). Raster images are more commonly called bitmapimages. 

A raster image uses a grid of individual pixels where each pixel can be a different color or shade. Raster images are composed of pixels. 

Vector graphics use mathematical relationships between points and the paths connecting them to describe an image. Vector graphics are composed of paths. 
Raster images require higher resolutions and anti-aliasing for a smooth appearance. Vector based graphics on the other hand are mathematically described and appear smooth at any size or resolution. 
Raster images are best used for photographs and images with subtle shading. Graphics best suited for the vector format are logos, page layout, type, line art or illustrations.
You may have a logo that you designed yourself, either created using photo editing software or perhaps a design that you've hand drawn, 90% of the time we can re-draw it into a vector graphic.

How does it work?

*  All your need to do just ”Set Up Account “. Then you are ready to place an order  or quote .

*  Fill out the form and click " Request Order " or " Request Quote " and Sumint it . 

*  We will convert your file within  24 hours  and send you a viewable JPG version of the    vectoror or digitized  converted file,  

*   If you approve the proof, you make the payment ,

*    As soon as we receive the payment confirmation, you can log into your account and  click Search Order to download your finished vector  or digitized file ..

What if I don't like the vector file you created ?

No problem, You are albe to submit a revision on our website . Go to the order list page . Click the  left  Number under the "  #" for the order you need  a change for .Then  you will see your order details . Then click  the  " Request Revision " button , This will open up a box for you to enter notes .Mke you notes . 

How long does it take?

99%  of  arts  are   drawn within 24 hours. 
We may be able to do it sooner if you're in a hurry . No extra charge . Just make a notes

What software do you use?

We use mainly the latest version of Adobe Illustrator CS and Coreldraw 12.

How do I make the payment?

Normally we can accept any major credit card through the PayPal secure banking system, or a direct payment from your Paypal account. For the new customer .  We will bill you one by one . for customers whom doing business with us more than one month . We will bill you monthly .

How to get free trail for digitizing ?

It is easy to get a free digitizing account with us:


1.  Set up an account.  All new accounts receive their first file conversion (up to 4mb for artwork and up to 5,000 stitches for embroidery)  Please note that your account must be set up with a valid company domain name.  Free e-mail provider addresses (such as Yahoo, gmail, Hotmail, etc.) are not eligible for free conversions.

2.  Place your first order on our website.  Please be sure to note in the “other information” section that this is your first order, and you wish to use your free trial.

3.  We do not have any hidden charges.  As long as your design has 5,000 stitches or less, there’s no cost for the trial.  If your design has more than 5,000 stitches, we charge a flat rate of $1.50 per 1,000 stitches.  For example, if your design has 7,800 stitches, you would only pay $4.50 for the trial.


Finally, I noted throughout your website that you have several spaces at the end of a sentence before you have a period.  Gramatically in English, the period should come immediately at the end of the sentence, so you may want to go through your site and correct these.

Why shop with us?

A If you are not satisfied YOU DON'T PAY!
B Quotes are FREE and returned within 30 minutes.
C less than 24 hours friendly and professional online service and turnaround time.
D Rush conversions can be completed within a few hours at no extra cost.
E Minor amendments are FREE.
F working 24 HOURS/ 7 DAYS .

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